Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Harris Burdick pictures

WALT: write a 6 sentenced story.

Today in LS2 we were doing three short narrative stories. These stories were made by the children in LS2. First of all we had to chose the three picture that we were going to write about. We had the chance to chose from 13 pictures. Actually we had to chose them from Harris Burdick pictures.

Maths reflection

Today in LS2 we were all partnered up with a friend and had a friendly game of quizzes. Quizzes is a game where u get given question and have to answer it. This game is just like another version of kazoo. These two games involve learning and fun. It is a very competitive game and depending on your score is where you are put in the leader bored.    
I found that this game was interesting and competitive. 
Today for this game we were practicing time table, division and much more.   

Monday, 8 August 2016

Kiwisports reflection

Kiwisport reflection

WALT have control  when hitting the shuttle to our partner.

Today in Badminton we had the wonderful Kevin and Ben come to our school for 4 weeks to teach us some tricks and tips on the skills people need to know to play Badminton.

Today for Badminton our main goal was control. And to have control we needed to stay calm. So they taught us how to control the shuttle with our rackets and different ways how to use the rackets.

For an activity they put us in partners and we had to hit the shuttle to each other. Today my partner was Paige.

Today my strength was hitting the shuttle. I noticed that every time the shuttle was hit towards me I would try my best to hit it. And as I kept trying I also noticed that I got a bit tired and stated to lack of hitting the shuttle back to my partner. So then I tried standing there calmly and hitting the shuttle softly. It made it much more easier to contribute to this activity.

I think I need to work on my forearm. Forearm is a type of style of hitting the shuttle. I think it was difficult using that type of style and I would like to work on it more.

Next week I would like to learn how to use control while hitting the shuttle to our partner.


Friday, 29 July 2016

SSR (Peru)

SSR (Peru)

WALT: research about a specific place.

Image result for peru
Today for SSR room 9 is researching about Peru.

Peru is the capital of Lima and the populations is over 30 million. One of the official languages is Spanish and it is also a country in South America. Peru is located between Bolivia and Colombia and is the biggest producers of cocaine. It is also the 8th largest producer of coffee and the 6th biggest producer of gold. And has the 2 deepest canyons in the world. 

Canyon names: Colca


Information report

Reading task (information report)  

WALT: write a information report on a specific article. 

Today for reading room 9 is working on a information report. We were split into groups and and given a newspaper. We did activities to do with the things in the newspaper. We also looked at the sections of the newspaper and we had to find out how many sections there are and what are those sections. 
Image result for sam hansen PNC
Sections: News 

My Information report 

Rapper turns to short form
WALT: write a information report about this article.

A 32 year old man, Sam Hansen, is proud of the success that he has managed with his rapping skills.

Sam Hansen or known as his stage name PNC, is a New Zealand hip-hop rapper that has just finished the touches on his new release. The name PNC is just letting people know where he came from, PNC is known as Palmerston North City.  By the time Sam turned 21 he started to work alongside popular New Zealand artist like Dawn Raid and Nesian Mystik.

Chris Schulz is a interviewer on New Zealand headline and he had Interviewed Sam Hansen to ask him about his success. He has told Chris Schulz that he is only just hitting his best form now. He had just released his first EP ( extended player) today.

“I still feel hungry.
Like i’m constantly
trying to claim a
sport and carve a

Release date: Friday 29th July 2016
Time: 9:00 am

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Todays learnig

Todays learning

Wednesday 27 July 2016 

Today is my second day back at school and I am enjoying all the time I am having learning new things. Today we had a special guest come in to teach us more about factions and what we call them when using fractions. We also learnt a lot about Olympics and about Melissa Ingram. And to end the day with self management and blogging. Tomorrow my goal is to get 5 blog post up so then I can have 15 blog post for the mouth :)  

SSR (Melissa Ingram)

SSR (Melissa Ingram)

WALT: identify specific people that are involved with Olympics. 

Today for SSR we are identifying people for 2016 Olympics. The person we are identifying is Melissa Ingram. 

Image result for melissa ingram swimmingMelissa Ingram is an New Zealand, swimming ambassador. She is a international swimming champion. Melissa was born on 1984 and joined the North shore swimming club in 1999. The club showed great support to help her through her journey also helping her to become a top swimmer. She was only 16 when she competed in her first international swimming race. She contributed in all kind of swimming types of styles, but her best swimming style was freestyle which is how she got into finals in 2004. And she proudly came back home with a bronze medal.